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Community: A Call for Action

started by on May 22 2017 – Last touched: May 22 2017 12:28 am

May 22 2017 12:28 am    

Today, that ArcaOS is available to the public, there are a few things that the OS/2 community can do to support the platform.

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Report hardware that is working and hardware issues to the community. You can use the OS2World wiki and OS2World forum.
Contact former OS/2 software developers to open source their code. You can contact me (Martin Iturbide) to help publish their source code on Github.
Get any OS/2 books and documentation and let’s try to turn it public. You can contact me (Martin Iturbide) to check if it can be done and what should be the best/legal way to do it.
Remember that:

Arca Noae has its formal tool to report bugs right here.
OS/2 related news can be found at OS2World, eCSoft/2 , OS/2 Warp News and Rumors and OS2VOICE.
Informal question can be post on the OS2World forums.
Sometimes it is nice to chat on IRC and #netlabs on the freenet (or using Riot-web) is the most active channel.
Remember also that:

For all the OS/2 Development related documentation, we have the EDM/2 Wiki. (CC Share Alike)
For all the rest, hardware testing, software review and any other article that is non-development we have the OS2World Wiki. (CC Share Alike)
For all public files, we have hobbes.
In addition, all the open source code can be share on OS2World’s Github.
Active open souce projects can also be located on Netlabs code repositories.
A Future: Moving forward with Open source.

Open source has been in part the methodology that has helped ArcaOS to release an OS/2 version that is usable today. Many of the software that allows us to surf the internet and do different things in OS/2 has come from open source projects.

It is time to endorse more open source to replace and clone the internal workings of OS/2 to ensure a future for the platform. Now we have to look under the hood and see how open source can help us improve and clone some of the important components of OS/2 like:

Control Program Interface
Presentation Manager
System Object Model (SOM)
Workplace Shell
Once we finish with the short term testing and the stabilization of the platform, it is time to think in a long-term future, and open source can help us with that.



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